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Our psychological self affects all aspects of our lives. It is great to see the decrease of stigma in our society concerning mental health. During the past number of years, over half of my clients are males. And I've had an increase of varied cultural backgrounds accepting therapy as a norm. Times have ready changed!


As a solution-focused and interactive therapist, my approach is to provide support and practical feedback. My goal is to help clients understand, resolve, and/or gain closure to current issues and long-standing patterns. Although I often use cognitive-behavioral therapy, I incorporate a variety of styles and techniques that will be most helpful for each client. With sensitivity, compassion, and honesty, I help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.


Mental health issues can be caused by a chemical imbalance, usually due to your genetic / family history, a situational factor that leads to a psychological imbalance, or the combination of both. Medication is usually needed for a chemical imbalance, in conjunction with psychotherapy. Depending on the severity, medication can be helpful for a variety of psychological issues as well. I believe medication should only be prescribed if needed. A part of my job is to help you determine if medication can be useful. If so, I will refer you to a psychiatrist.


It can take strength and courage to face an issue. One does not need to be living with a mental illness to benefit from therapy. Psychotherapy is a journey of change and growth. If you want to start the process, please call to schedule an appointment. 


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