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Therapy is confidential. My office is not located in a typical business park or building. Instead, I am located in a private residential setting, which is not inside my home. For directions, click here.


Life challenges and psychological issues:

Psychological distress can cause behaviors or changes in behaviors that can significantly interfere with any major aspect of life. I can help you improve or resolve some common symptoms.


The majority of my work is with Depression; Anxiety; Bipolar; Adult ADHD; Self-Esteem; Childhood issues that remain present; Grief and Bereavement; Organizational Skills; OCD; Conflict Resolution; Sexuality Issues; The Coming Out Process; Anger Management; Stress Management; Life Transitions; Boundaries; Career and Work Issues; Communication Skills; Sex and Porn Issues; Marriage and Relationships. Depending on the severity, I also work with alcohol abuse and marijuana abuse. 

It is important to know boundaries, strenghts and weaknesses:

I am not a good match for Borderline Personality Disorder; domestic violence; current or history of violent behaviors; court hearings; women who have been sexually abused; anyone who abused or abuses children or the elderly; and eating disorders. I no longer work with Schizophrenia.


My client population varies tremendously from all walks of like:

Male; Female; everyday people with a wide range of occupations; various cultures, ethnicities and sexualities.


I work with adult. I am selective with older adolescents. I do not work with children. I see clients one-on-one and as couples/relationships and in small groups.

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